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Bullying Awareness

Last Updated: 07. 07. 19


Update: A younger student was sexually assaulted at Eisenhower Elementary in Corona, California by another older student & that student (the offender) was allowed to continue to attend Eisenhower Elementary in Corona, California. I would advise that you not send your children to that school.

Hello. My third-grade daughter Jaleah W. has been bullied 90% of the school year at Eisenhower Elementary in Corona, California. We have also been discriminated against on a regular. On May 31, 2019 at the school awards ceremony the child that has been bullying my daughter for 90% of the year received a kindness award (Terrific Kid Award. Positive attitude, good character and responsible citizen.) (He also received an award at the last award ceremony.) WOW!!! At this award ceremony I approached his mother, she had no idea that her son had been bullying my daughter. WOW!!! Yet I have had multiple meetings, sent multiple E Mails, had even wrote a letter to the Corona-Norco School District. I have E Mails from the teacher and Principal stating that it has been taken care of. The Principal has stated to me by E Mail and face-to-face that he has spoken to the child's mother. When his mother approached the teacher about why she hadn't been informed - The teacher replies to her that it wasn't serious enough to contact her. WOW!!! Remind you they told me they had been contacting her. My daughter continuing to be hit, someone telling my daughter they're going to kill her, writing on her jacket, destroying her belongings, spitting on her bottle and so on wasn't serious enough to contact his mother? Bullying isn't serious? WOW!!! If they would have been contacting his mother, she could have disciplined her child and my daughter would have had an enjoyable third grade year. Almost every single day my daughter had something to tell me about a student, what they were doing to her or doing to another student. My daughter has seizures which the school is well aware of and take medication twice a day at home. Her being hit in the face, in the head, she could have had a seizure. Also, his mother stated she had a meeting at the school on May 30, 2019. She asked if her son had been bothering anyone and they didn’t tell her that her son has been bullying my daughter. Whether if these children are in Special Education or not there is no excuse. 2 years ago, a student in General Ed said she was going to bring a gun to school for my daughter, she was harassing my daughter and another student and nothing happened to her. Also, at the awards ceremony I saw a little boy's father and told him - Two years ago his son punched my daughter in the stomach and told her to pull her pants down and his response was that his son did not go there two years ago. Which is a lie.

I have my E Mails, my text and my letter. I also have the text from the mother stating the school hasn't told her about this. Plus, they had to hire a security guard for whatever reason, they refuse to tell the parents why. The security guard told my daughter that he was there to look at cute little girls, when she asked him why he was there. He was not suspended or fired, he continued to work at the school, even though students were hearing him use foul language. I reported this to the school and the school district. There are multiple incidents happening at this school and there is nothing being done. The school sent out an E Mail to the parents stating that they heard what's been going on and they were ensuring us that safety is important. Yet before that the Vice Principal called me on the phone trying to cover up what had happened to my daughter and hung up in my face. Unprofessional. I have told them multiple times that I do not want anybody harming my daughter, I do not want my daughter committing suicide and they've continued to smile in my face and lie to me, pretending that my daughter's safety was important. They are aware of that my daughter has come from Ben Franklin Elementary in Corona, California. Where she was bullied for eight months, where she didn't feel like her skin color mattered, had low self-esteem and we were just bringing her self-esteem back up. These situations have traumatized my daughter, and she has missed a lot of days of school, due to not wanting to come because she doesn't want to be bullied. All parties involved need to be fired. This is very pathetic and disgusting that a teacher feels that bullying isn't serious and rewards bullies. My daughter nor my family deserve any of this. All my children are well-mannered. I've volunteered, brought gifts, donations to multiple classrooms, I'm not a problem parent. Most of the time I'm the only one donating to these classrooms and this is how we're treated? I hear all kinds of negative things, kids being bullied in the Corona-Norco School District at Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools and nothing is being done about it when the parents are reporting it. I’ve continued to call and E Mail the school district and haven’t received a response. This school district needs to be under investigation. We need to spread the word out. These kinds of things can be prevented. There is a lot of children that have already committed suicide, due to bullying and the staff pretending that they cared and did nothing and are trying to cover up their acts. Thank you for your support. #JaleahW #Share #Bullying #Bully #StopBullying #AntiBullying #NoBullying #EndBullying #MentalHealth #Harassment #Sad #Suicide #Safety #California #Corona #EisenhowerElementarySchool #CoronaNorcoSchoolDistrict #Education #FoxNews #KTLA #CNN #NBCNews #InlandEmpire #Schools #CNUSDFutureReady #Awareness #Discrimination

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